The Truth About The Ovale Elite Collection

We are incredibly excited to introduce and release our Ovale Elite Brush Collection. For our undying brush fans that have shown support for us from the beginning, we want to thank you and give you some background on where this set came from.
Many of you know, we started with a completely different brush design and then released a singular foundation and body brush called the Celui. Just after New Years we were contacted by a multi-million-dollar brush company from the US, demanding we stop selling our brushes and destroy our stock. Our team was not aware of design patents that this company held in Australia over brushes similar to ours. This was a devastating moment for llIVIA, but as a team we came together and decided that we could do far better for our Queens.
We realised this was a blessing in disguise as we knew that improvements to our brush designs could be made. This is when the idea for our Ovale Elite Collection was born. We listened to your feedback, of wanting a smaller and easier to use set. We also listened to your feedback about the price.
Taking this into account we worked with makeup artists to select the best and most practical brushes from our set. Our team then turned our attention to the design, knowing the brushes needed to be lighter and easier to hold for perfecting your makeup application. 
Each brush is packed with hundreds and thousands of super soft synthetic fibres, giving you our famous air brushed, flawless finish.
Ovale Elite 5 makeup brush set
Brush 001- This baby has got your flawless foundation and powder covered.
Brush 002- This brush is fantastic for buffing your product out or for placing larger amounts of powder contour products in areas.
Brush 003- Is amazing for under eye and your T-Zone highlight. This brush works particularly well with both liquid products and powders.
Brush 004- Highlight through and through baby. When you’re adding a bit of highlight to your cupids bow, nose, brow arch or cheeks, this brush has got your back.
Brush 005- Is particularly good for cutting your brows out, eye liner or placing contour products in specific areas. We designed the brush head to be small and sleek for precise product application.
Although, we make recommendations for the use of our brushes, we encourage you to use your Ovale Elite Collection in the way that best suits your personal preferences for makeup application.
Our brushes are entirely Vegan Friendly and as always, Cruelty Free.
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