What you need to know about our Lash Collection

Listen up Queens. Your lash game is about to get pretty f*cking litty.
Whether you’re wanting to slay the game with something fierce, or you just want to keep it looking natural, we’ve got a lash that’ll be perfect for you.


About Our Lash Styles

Hand Drawn Kylie Lash

Our Kylie style are a must have for anyone wanting Kylie's sultry Lashes. These lashes are super long, with a natural curl and probably our thinnest lash style.

Closed and open eye illustration of Kim lashes

To sum up our Kim style; these lashes have a whispy curl, with a hint of drama. They're designed to give you all the sexiness of Kim's eyes the minute you put them on. 

Drawings of the Nicole lash style with two closed eyes and one open

Our Nicole Lashes are our thickest and most dramatic style that is finished with a beautiful natural curl. Suitable to both the naked eye look or something glam.


 Lydia lash illustrations closed eyes with open eye style.

Our Lydia lashes are similar to our iconic Kim Lashes with their clustered design for a natural look. The Lydia lashes have a stunning whispy curl but are slightly less dense than Kim. These lashes look like lash extensions, particularly great for anyone on a break from lash extensions. 


 Each of our lash styles will give you 10-25 uses (often more) with the proper care.   
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