Our Story

Who is llIVIA? (pronounced liv-ee-ah) We are the girl, just like you that loves expressing herself in every way with amazing makeup. We are the girl who wants the tools that get us the end result, with a little bit of sass. At llIVIA, we are you and we understand what you want out of your makeup. For us, it is simple, we'll give you the tools to inspire and be inspired in the world of makeup, you do the rest.  

We work our butt's off to make sure you're getting beautiful products that give you everything you need to show the world who you are. Our products are truly unique, just like you are. We simply want you to be able to use our products to create your own kind of beautiful, whatever that may be.

Where do you start? We've got our products featured under SHOP in the top navigation bar. Where you can also Track your Order realtime, check Shipping policies, create Wish Lists, Compare Products via your own listing, monitor your account and sign up to be a Wholesaler. There's something for everyone!   

All of our products are cruelty free and as eco-friendly as possible. Most of our products are Vegan Friendly and we aim to be entirely Vegan Friendly by the end of the year.  

Love Always,

Liana & the Team xx